Pete Bagnall

Pete has had a varied career in the IT industry. He began as a network research engineer, working at British Telecommunications labs at Martlesham Heath (now known as Adastral Park) near Ipswich in Suffolk. There he worked on Internet technologies and participated in both the IETF & IRTF (Internet Engineering and Research Task Forces respectively).

While at BT he realised that the main issue which limits the utility of systems is not the underlying technology itself, but the ability of non-technical users to make effective use of it. Technology is only as useful as it is usable.

To pursue this interest he moved to Silicon Valley to work as an Interaction Design consultant, working on projects ranging from online pharmacies to project management systems. He gained a great deal of experience with user centred design, specifically with persona based methodologies.

Following that he returned to the UK to do a research Master’s degree in “Design and Evaluation of Interactive Systems” from Lancaster University, which he gained in 2003. He has since taught on the same Master’s course each year. His class covers personas, empathy in design and web design and implementation. He has also taught evening classes in web design and web implementation at nearby Kendal College.

Pete has strongly held moral principles, which are reflected in the ethical policy of SurfaceEffect.

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