SurfaceEffect offers a range of services in the areas of interaction design, design evaluation and training.

If you want help designing a product, then you’ll need our interaction design service. If you have an existing product which you’re improving or replacing you might want to start with an expert design evaluation. If you’re trying to build an in-house design capability then you’ll want to use our training services.

Early is better
than late

When should you engage SurfaceEffect? Early is better than late. Design input is easiest to use before you’ve started building anything. Once you’ve started building you’ve added constraints to the design, but without the design you won’t know what constraints you’ve added. And even though it’s probably still possible to get all those great design ideas built, it will be more expensive for your development team - and generally that means the product will suffer.

it’s important to
know who you’re
designing for

To do great design it’s important to know who you’re designing for. Your marketing people probably have a good idea of who that is, but for great design you’ll need to know a little more. User research can take several forms, and need not be too expensive, but we’re confident that you’ll see a return on your investment. It’s also a great idea to involve your development team in this, so they get a better understanding of the people they’re building for.

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