Design Evaluation

If you have an existing product, SurfaceEffect can provide an assessment of usability and user experience using a number of techniques.

Persona Based Evaluation

Using personas to evaluate a design allows us to ensure that the problem your product addresses is the right one. This can lead to much deeper insights than any other evaluation offering and is most appropriate when you’re considering a substantial redesign effort.

Persona Design

Workflow Analysis

Does your system’s workflow match the way your users actually work? Software systems become awkward when there is a mismatch between how the system expects people to work, and how people actually work. By finding and eliminating these discrepancies we can reduce the need for work-arounds and streamline your users’ work. When the system matches the people, instead of the people having to match the system you get happier, more loyal users.

Task Analysis, Cognitive Walkthrough, Information Architecture

Interface Evaluation

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of polish. What parts of your interface confuse your users? Could the wording and labels be clearer? The best way to address these issues is to test your interfaces with real users. This won’t solve any of those big architectural problems but it can take your system from being effective to being pleasant.

User Testing, Heuristic Evaluation, Prototype Evaluation

If you would like us to conduct an evaluation, or would simply like more detail, let us know.

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